“The man behind Mario’s Sandwich Company”

My grandfather, who we all lovingly called “Tata” throughout my life was the strongest father figure I have had.


Tata, from the years I have a memory, was present in my life from my birth to my first steps, first soccer game, first school day to my Culinary Graduation day as a Chef. Many of my “firsts” Tata was there with me.


His philosophy was simple;

Work hard, rest plenty, family comes first, enjoy the simple things in life. Face problems with a calm attitude and in the end, all will be fine. He was 100% right, and I am blessed to understand all of it today as I embark in my own business. I wanted to have a family-owned business where families can come and enjoy a good sandwich, a hearty meal, and a family atmosphere.


We are blessed and proud to be able to serve our community. 

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